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Ashtrom: The building innovators in Jamaica.

Ashtrom's Success in Jamaica

Over thirty years ago, Ashtrom Engineering International of Israel began building operations in Jamaica from their Ensom City project located in theformer capital of the island, Spanish Town. Ashtrom became one of the first foreign building contractors to expand its operations in the Caribbean, this opening the gateway to the name Ashtrom Jamaica Limited, a subsidiary of the Ashtrom Engineering International Company Limited. In our first major assignment, Ashtrom built approximately seven hundred housing solutions between 1969 and 1970 in Ensom City. In preparation for its task ahead, Ashtrom brought the necessary machinery, equipment and qualified engineers from Israel and established a Prefabricated Plant in Ensom City, Spanish Town. In November 1972 the development company Ensom City Ltd and Ashtrom (Jamaica) Ltd, merged to form Ashtrom Ensom Development Company Ltd operating as contractors  and  developers.  The further expansion of housing solutions in Ensom City saw Ashtrom Ensom constructing a total of one thousand five hundred houses. Among major housing projects include: Mount View, Villa Nova, Barbican Terrace, Meadowbrook Estate, Bay Farm Villas, Mercury Gardens and Hayes New Town.


In 1979, the Ministry of Housing through The National Housing Corporation jointly with Ashtrom Jamaica Ltd formd a new corporation: Ashtrom Building Systems Limited. The creation of this new organization saw Ashtrom Building Systems developing housing projects on a very large scale.


The newly incorporated Ashtrom Building Systems operatdthe company efficiently and professionally.  This is reveald by the upscale housing solutions such as Cooreville High Rise, Port Royal, Allerdyce Green, Musgrave Mews, Molynes Gardens and Green Acres.


In 1983, Ashtrom was challenged to build housing units ata fast pace, thus introducing an industrialized construction system called “Tunnel System” which is a very fast and ve satile construction method- the first of its kind in Jamaica. The first projects undertaken using this method include: Tivoli Gardens, Denham Town, Wellington Glades, Merrivale Meadows, Oaklands, College Green, Dillsbury Mews, Orange Bay and Prospect Bay.


Ashtrom’s efficiency, ability and versatility had grown to massive proportions propelling them further into the local building industry with the hotel industry fast becoming their new calibre of clientele. Their first contract was the Jamaica Hotel in Runaway Bay and they were also the main contractors of the Grand Lido Hotel and the Ruthland Point Resort in Negril.


By 1995 Ashtrom moved its operations to its current location in Central Village. Ashtrom Building Systems Ltd: rich history and promising future;

here to serve you even better.





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