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Meet the Ashtrom Team

Behind every coveted building and engineering solution is a team of inexhaustible visionaries. We the Directors of the Ashtrom Group of Companies are honoured by the distinction  of spearheading the subsidiaries of the Ashtrom brand. Immensely proud of our Ashtrom product, we confirm that the strength of this formidable company really lies in  the collaborative energies of all staffs that is channelled in making all clients and interests satisfied. Our mantra is that we put people first therefore, we are committed to the tradition of offering you the best building solution at the most attractive rates.



Meet Our Team


Meet our Directors:

Abraham Naussbaum : Financial Controller, Israeli

Gil Gueron : Chairman, Israeli





Meet the Managers of Ashtrom Building Systems (Jamaica):

Avi Azarzar, CPA Israel

Managing Director


Arcady Shrits, BSc., Civil Engineer

Factory’s General Manager


We the Managers are enthusiastic about guiding Ashtrom Building Systems Limited a stalwart company of immense achievement. As we aim to demonstrate exemplary standards in all of our engagements, we are guided by the principles that have secured Ashtrom’s reputation. They are discipline, responsibility, dedication and hard work. We also assure our clients that Ashtrom Building Systems Ltd is guided by reliability and commitment to the task (such ascompleting projects on schedule and within budget), maintaining high standards of quality as those demonstrated in developed international designs, and facilitating efficiency in using the most modern industries, techniques and technologies. The Ashtrom product is as good as we are able to satisfy our clients and therefore we promise to exhaust every feasible avenue to ensure that you are receiving the best, after all, you deserve it! We continue to look forward to our transaction with you.






Meet the staff (Ashtrom Building Systems Ltd.): 


‘Serving you is what we do best’ is the gem that reflects the passion of the competent staff at Ashtrom B.S Ltd. Ashtrom is more than a company that we work for, it is a part of who we are: our principles, standards and ambition. We are Ashtrom and this means that we take seriously the confidence that our customers invest in us- not merely to get the job done but most importantly, to deliver superbly. Our delight is derived by having customers who are pleased with making Ashtrom Building Systems Ltd their company of choice.


We boast employees who are in service since Ashtrom’s inception in Jamaica; that is over 37 years of dedication and commitment to the redoubtable Ashtrom brand! At Ashtrom, we are more than a staff; we are family and friends who find pleasure in working tirelessly to please you. Today, we have a cader of  employees who are awaiting you. Come in today!


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